The problem...

  • You don't know how to drive high quality traffic to your listings, which is stunting your sales.
  • Your advertising costs are exploding, eroding your profit margins and limiting your growth opportunities.
  • You're overwhelmed with the ever evolving Amazon marketplace and cannot keep up to date with the new tools and features you need to be using to maximise sales. 
  • You aren't aware of the critical triggers that convert browsers into buyers, which is leading to high ACoS scores.
  • You don't know how to use Facebook and Instagram to pin-point customers and build assets. 
  • You don't have a compliant process to communicate with your customers to request reviews and cross sell further products.
  • You don't want to lock yourself into a 3-month, £1,000 p/m contract, or blow another £997 on a course that could be useless.
  • You don't have the time to manage everything yourself from advertising to tedious data entry tasks. 
  • You have no clear long term strategy in place, which has resulted in minimal sales growth. 

The solution...

  • Bespoke 1-1 coaching sessions with your Amazon coach where you'll map out your 6 and 12-month growth plans. Which means you’ll have clarity on what elements of your business should to be prioritised to maximise your sales.
  • Clear-cut, easy to implement perpetual traffic strategies, which means you'll have a never-ending supply of new potential customers, which will result in you drinking from a fire hose rather than praying for rain.
  • Access to an ever evolving training portal that'll break down the levers that need to be pulled in order to convert ice cold browsers into piping hot buyers, which means you'll decrease ad costs whilst increasing sales revenue. 
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions with e-commerce experts, which means you'll be equiped with the latest, profitable strategies that can simply be copy and pasted into your business. 
  • Access to a community of like minded Amazon sellers who are committed to growing their brands without making the same mistakes that result in ultimate failure.
  • Live weekly Q&A sessions with Amazon experts who'll be on hand to crush your burning problems and keep you on the right track, which means you'll never get overwhelmed during this journey again. 
  • Monthly report breaking down the latest changes within Amazon, which means you'll always be one step ahead of the game and competition!
  • Access to an Amazon team who will carry out tasks for you, such as running your PPC campaigns. Which means you can focus your valuable time working on your business instead of getting lost in the weeds. 

Ultimately, LaunchPod will provide you with the latest skills, strategies and resources required to position your products in front of as many potential customers as possible, before successfully converting these browsers into buyers. 

What separates LaunchPod from other courses?

LaunchPod is a membership programme where you get access to 1-1 support from a team of Amazon experts.

Amazon is changing so fast these days, skills that are valuable today, will be worthless tomorrow. So...

We've created a programme that evolves as the Amazon landscape changes ensuring you're always one step ahead of the competition. 

By tailoring the content towards YOUR needs, we'll give you the blueprints required to crush Amazon. 

You no longer have to waste money and time trying to ''figure it out''. We'll provide you with the latest codes required to the break the lock. 

You no longer have to stare at your computer screen wondering what the heck is going on. We'll be with you each step of the way so you don't make critical mistakes.

You no longer have to guess about whether a product is going to be successful. We'll be with you every step of the way to ensure it's fully validated before you invest a penny on stock. 

Whilst the rest of the Amazon world is drowning in uncertainly and chaos, you'll have clarity on what is working and what isn't.

Here's what you'll receive...

Component #1

1-1 coaching calls

We understand that every business requires their own unique strategy. 

Which is why unlike other Amazon courses, we provide you with quarterly 1-1 coaching calls where we can discuss anything e-commerce related to ensure you're fully equipped to smash your goals. 

The majority of stupid decisions made by sellers are the direct result of having only one voice in the conversation when the original decision was made. 

We’ll work alongside you to map out your long term battle plan, giving you expert advice on what to do next to achieve your goals.

The first four calls are included in your membership. Need more? You can book as many as you want/need at a cost of £20 per 30-minutes.

Bespoke 1-1 calls with former Amazon employees and industry experts who've been there and done it will not only help you supercharge your business, but they'll also prevent you from making critical mistakes that could crush your company. 

No other Amazon programme offers this level of 1-1 coaching. 

Component #2

Live weekly lectures

To succeed on Amazon you need to ensure your knowledge and skillsets are constantly evolving. Which is why you'll gain access to our live weekly lectures exclusive to LaunchPod members.

Each week one of our expert coaches will put on a 30-minute coaching session specific to their specialised topic.

Dan, who generated $150 million in sales via PPC, will enlighten you with the latest Amazon ad strategies that are working right now for brands such as Colgate, Unilever and Warner Bros. 

Declan, who runs one of the fastest growing Facebook agencies in the UK, will reveal the winning FB and IG campaigns that are generating millions in revenue for his clients. 

George and Ben, who both worked at Amazon as account managers, will break down the strategies they implemented on multi-million pound accounts across Europe.

Guest lecturers will keep you up to speed with the formulas, blueprints and tactics you need to crush your competition and increase your sales. 

Which means you don’t have to spend months (and a fortune) figuring it out alone. 

Each weekly lecture focuses on a specific topic, with a chance for Q&A at the end to stimulate your development. 

Component #3

Access to Amazon training portal

Instead of getting totally overwhelmed spending hours trying to figure everything out alone, wouldn't it be easier if someone simply showed you step-by-step what to do?

This portal will become your Amazon war chest, containing all of the latest blueprints, strategies and playbooks required to build and grow an unshakable Amazon business. 

You'll receive access to over 100 tutorial videos, breaking down everything from how to create high converting listings to structuring your PPC campaigns to maximise your ROI. 

Yet, the Amazon landscape is always changing, and if you’re not evolving with it, you’ll quickly become left behind. 

Which is why this portal is updated with the latest blueprints every single month, so you're always ahead of your competition. 

Component #4

Access to Facebook and Funnel blueprints

The secret to building a 7-figure Amazon business is to build a brand that resonates with your target audience.

To achieve this you must be leveraging social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to laser target your perfect customers, before nurturing them through a sales funnel, which results in them becoming a customer. 

If you aren't aware of the latest strategies, or have the required skills to execute these strategies using Facebook ads, then you'll miss out on this golden and highly profitable opportunity.

In this section of the training portal you'll discover how to launch campaigns, target your perfect customers, scale results, nail copywriting for ads, build chatbots, run split tests & optimise.

All via easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials.

This will enable you to tap into thousands of hidden customers, increase your traffic and convert more browsers into buyers

Facebook is always evolving, which is why new strategies will be added every single month to ensure you're ahead of the curve.

Component #5

24/7 support group

You probably won’t find better support for your Amazon business than here. Short of being at your 24/7 beck and call, this group is your go to port of call when things go South. 

Whether you find yourself getting overwhelmed after hitting a roadblock that you simply can’t solve yourself. Or simply need to validate a couple of ideas before pulling the trigger. This network of fellow sellers and expert coaches will be on hand to solve your problem within hours.

Two brains are always better than one. 150 brains can be the difference between 7-figures and failure.

Together we’ll transform your business……

Below is a snippet of what you'll discover

  • Within 1-week you'll have conducted your first 1-1 strategy call with one of our account managers. We'll discuss your vision and goals, before building out a bespoke, achievable 6-month GROWTH STRATEGY. You'll finish this call with a clear roadmap on how to crush your sales targets and grow your business.

  • You'll discover the exact process we implement to conduct EXTENSIVE PRODUCT AND MARKET RESEARCH. We’ll also help you VALIDATE THE DEMAND for products before you invest a penny on stock. These strategies alone could save you thousands had you picked the wrong product.

  • You'll learn exactly how to target thousands of potential customers through LASER PRECISION both on and off Amazon. We'll then show you how to build the ultimate sales funnel, which will result in a raging river of hot traffic landing on your listings everyday. You'll also gain a deep understanding of how 3rd party platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and ChatBots can help grow your business substantially.

  • We’ll reveal (and breakdown) the proven product launch strategies that top sellers are using to generate sales velocity. Copy these blueprints immediately to rank your products on page 1 in as little as 8-days.

  • Acquire the skills required to BUILD A BRAND both on and off Amazon. We reveal the secrets to creating captivating Enhanced Brand Content and Amazon Storefronts, so you can showcase your products unique benefits, whilst increasing traffic and boosting conversions. You'll also learn exactly how to leverage Brand Analytics tools to increase margins.

  • Discover how to effortlessly enrol your products into the Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) programme (in the UK and abroad) allowing you to outsource the logistics and shipping process, whilst tapping into hungry Amazon Prime members who convert 74% of the time.

  • Discover how to set up, manage and monitor your Amazon advertising campaigns, that now account for 28% of all sales on the platform. You’ll become savvy enough to know how to make crucial bid adjustments, segment campaigns into test and performance groups and leverage all of the available advertising tools, which will result in an avalanche of fresh traffic and sales.

  • Together we’ll help you EXPAND your business into European marketplaces, allowing you to tap into millions of potential customers. We'll show you how to prep your products correctly to avoid them flopping, whilst utilising Amazon’s logistical networks to achieve scale and boost reach. We'll also connect you with local translators to make the process effortless.

  • Discover the little known tactics that put together help build a robust Amazon business. We’ll show you how to build a captive audience that you can sell to repeatedly, reducing your acquisition costs and increasing margins.

Always evolving...

Imagine always been up to date with the latest strategies and tactics that are working RIGHT NOW. 

Never having to play catch up as your competitors zoom on by, as you helplessly watch on from the sidelines.

One of the biggest benefits to enrolling onto LaunchPod is that you'll gain access to blueprints that will always evolve. Nothing will ever be out of date. 

New tutorials and fresh strategy sessions get added on a monthly basis. Ensuring your war chest is armed with the latest blueprints and tools you need to thrive.

Here's what current members are saying...

Don't go spending thousands of dollars elsewhere

Anthony Lear

I have recently started this course and I have found that it bridges all gaps in the Amazon Journey. If you want a one stop shop, thats high in value for mo...

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I have recently started this course and I have found that it bridges all gaps in the Amazon Journey. If you want a one stop shop, thats high in value for money, get on it. I have spoken with George on the phone who is very curteous and understanding. I have messaged Thomas on Facebook and is also of the same calibre. Both are highly professional at what they do. Both in explaining and in execution of each step. I failed school, i am terrible with Computers, however i have now listed on multiple platforms around the world. I could not of done it without there help. Dont go spending thousands of dollars elsewhere. Invest in something that will truly help you. Thank you so much George and Thomas. Absolute professionals.

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Best Amazon Course for Beginners

Candy Birch

I've been doing the course for about 3 month now. The course is very well structured, starting from how to open your amazon account to different strategies...

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I've been doing the course for about 3 month now. The course is very well structured, starting from how to open your amazon account to different strategies in how to launch products. Everything is very detailed but without bla bla, just essential information. I'm an absolute beginner and are very happy. highly recommended.

Read Less

Clever course, easy to follow and a great guide, intellig...

Catherine Lanigan

Nice short videos that give a guide to launching on Amazon. Good handy facts and tips. Great that is self paced.

Nice short videos that give a guide to launching on Amazon. Good handy facts and tips. Great that is self paced.

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How can LaunchPod help you?

We’ve currently got multiple 6 and 7 figure sellers in our programme. One of which sold over 55,000 units in one week during August.

George and Ben provided strategic advice to multi-million pound brands during their time at Amazon. Dan spent $7 million in ad spend last year, which generated $150 million in sales. Tom spends thousands every month on Facebook and has built e-commerce brands from the ground up. 

You’ll not only receive access to this wealth of experience through the 1-1 strategy calls and weekly lectures, but you’ll also be able to bounce ideas off our 150 existing members within the private mastermind group. 

You'll quickly become submerged into a community of ambitious, knowledgable, business savvy Amazon sellers, who'll equip you with the critical skills needed to explode your sales. 

The small cost of joining LaunchPod will be recouped within weeks of joining. 

RISK FREE investment from you...

We’re so confident that this programme will transform your business that we're offering you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Gain full access to the training portal and private members group, along with your first 1-1 consultation call and see for yourself why this is the perfect programme to help build and grow your business. 

If after going through 70% of the online training programme (see t&c's) you don't think it's for you, or it hasn't helped build or grow your business then we'll refund your money.

This is completely risk free from your end. 

Sound fair enough?

Pay Annually Or Every 6-Months

Save £357 On The Annual Plan

Imagine generating monthly sales like this....

which is entirely feasible with the right strategy, guidance and knowledge....

as proven by these snapshots taken from our existing clients accounts.

Someone once said…

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”

Month after month, we see troops of students who are trying to figure this game out alone by watching hours of outdated YouTube videos and readings endless blog posts. Reality is…

This often results in thousands of pounds in lost sales (and wasted expenses). Why? 

Because they are either constantly making the same mistakes that are stunting their growth or…

…it's taking them so long to learn the ropes that they're WASTING valuable months where they could be scooping up sales. 

Months when you literally could be implementing what has been tested and proven right NOW to grow your business.  

You now have a choice…

  1. Stay scared and be at the exact same place this time next year or…
  2. Invest £70 per month in yourself and take the first step to hitting your deserved revenue goals.

 Ball's in your court...

Ready to transform your Amazon business?

What's the worst that can happen?

I mean, let’s say the programme turns out to be a load of rubbish, and it doesn’t help your Amazon business as I’ve promised. Is the small financial investment you've made going to send you under?


And on the upside, let’s say the programme helps transform your business from one that doings a couple of grand a month now, to one that's generating tens of thousands in sales per month. What impact will that have on your life?

Not only will you have the skills and strategies required to crush Amazon. We’ll also be holding your hand each step of the way, ensuring you don’t go off track and fall of the cliff (which isn't ideal).

At the end of the day, this is completely RISK FREE for you, especially as you're backed by our money back guarantee.

Zero downside, but unlimited upsides.

Sound fair enough?


Click the below button and get enrolled. Let's take your business to the top floor. 

Take the first step to hitting your deserved revenue goals

Save £357 On The Annual Plan

You'll have former-Amazon employees in your corner

Former-Amazon Account Manager

George Reid

George oversees the implementation of our clients growth strategies. His time at Amazon stemmed across multiple roles, including launching Amazon Business (B2B) and Seller-Fulfilled Prime.

Former-Amazon Account Manager

Ben Timmons

Ben was a leading member of the FBA team before moving across to help drive the launch of Amazon Business (B2B) in the UK. He’s our FBA and B2B guru now, filled with internal gems to give you that competitive edge.

Strategic Growth Consultant

Tom Reid

The Black Sheep (didn’t previously work at Amazon!). Whilst Tom didn’t work at Amazon, like the rest of the team, he’s built multiple e-commerce businesses from the ground up and manages operations and programme development.

Still have questions?

  • How do I take in the content?

    'How to' videos are done over the shoulder, so you can follow the process step-by-step. Watch bite-sized classes on your own schedule. Learn on the go, anytime, anywhere, on mobile or laptop.

  • Is this course applicable across the world?

    Yes. Although the videos have been recorded on the UK Seller Central platform, the principles, tactics and strategies are the same throughout the marketplaces.

  • Why is it an annual fee?

    The strategies and tactics currently in the portal will be superseeded in a couple of months time (Amazon moves fast) The annual fee therefore ensures you receive ground breaking strategies, access to the secret Facebook group, live webinars and consultation calls, keeping you one step ahead of the game.

  • How do I gain access to the private Facebook group?

    After you've enrolled, we'll send you an email with the link to the secret group.

  • How do I view the live training sessions?

    All training sessions will be streamed live within the Facebook group. They will then be uploaded to the training portal, so you can watch at your own pace.

  • Is this for me?

    If you are serious about selling on Amazon and actually want to turn it into a proper business, then LaunchPod is for you. We'll be by your side each step of the way, advising and guiding you on what steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

  • How do I get my 30-min strategy call?

    You will receive a welcome email with a link to our calendars. Simply book a slot with us to arrange your on-boarding call to devise your growth strategy.

  • Can I use the academy to train my team?

    Sign your staff or team members up for LaunchPod and we will essentially take care of all their training, questions, and support off your hands - how perfect! You’ll be free to work on your business, not in it. *Please note only 1 person per membership may access the content, calls, and Facebook™ group.

You're one click away from transforming your Amazon business...

30-day money back guarantee